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Need information and/or need to report any outage? 
You can now do it by text by to texting "Info" to  352-661-1661 followed by your short form question or issue you need to report. 
Ex:  Pay My Bill | Power Outage |  Hours

**Note:  Long form messages can result in incorrect prompts, we suggest keeping questions as short and direct as possible to ensure the valid response.

Stay up to date with the alerts sent directly to your phone:
For General Alerts, text "LEESBURGALERTS" to 91896
For Event Alerts, text "LEESBURGEVENTS" to 91896
For League Notifications, text "LEESBURGLEAGUE" TO 91896
For Library Alerts, text "LEESBURGLIBRARY" to 91896
For Outage Alerts, text "LEESBURGOUTAGES" to 91896

Need to Opt-out of Event Notifications?
Text "STOP" to 91896 to remove yourself from the Notification Lists.

View the terms and privacy policy information at:

Message & Date rates apply. Message Frequency varies.  Text "HELP" to 91896 to get Contact Information.