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Citizen Utility Relief Effort (C.U.R.E)
In October 1991 the City of Leesburg created the Citizens Utility Relief Effort (C.U.R.E.) to assist utility customers who are unable to pay their bill. The general purpose for granting this assistance states that the fund may be used in the event of loss of employment or an unexpected illness or injury.

The City developed a set of brief guidelines for the administration of this fund and delegated the administration to 2 local area agencies. The administering agencies are:

The guidelines set the criteria for extending assistance and limit access to these funds to $100 during a 12 month period. The agencies administering the fund are required to obtain proof of who the individual is and documentation of the circumstances surrounding the need.


  1. Person (s) with low income that for some reason is/are unable to pay his/her utility bill for a particular month.
    1. Families without a job, but looking for one.
    2. No earnings due to illness.
    3. Single parent having financial difficulty.
    4. Any other case where circumstances have made it impossible to pay the utility bill because of a crisis, etc. There must be proof of these circumstances.
  2. $100.00 maximum voucher per twelve month period
  3. Only residential customers may become eligible.
  4. Voucher may not be used for utility deposit.


  1. Client must have identification:
    1. Social security card
    2. Driver’s license (if they drive)
    3. or other ID.
  2. Delinquent utility bill.
  3. Proof of income, if not working:
  4. A card from Job Services, if looking for a job.
  5. If on welfare, proof of monthly payments.


Additional Documentation
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