Capital Improvement Program

Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

The City's CIP Program deals with the physical improvement or replacement of City-owned infrastructure and facilities. Capital improvements are projects with long useful lives that maintain, upgrade or replace public infrastructure and public service providing facilities. These projects address the system needs for improvement, expansion, maintenance, rehabilitation, and renewal. Examples include the construction of
transportation, stormwater, water, wastewater projects, along with buildings like fire stations, libraries and recreation centers.

Capital Improvements are essential elements of providing quality government service, and they create the conditions for a safe and economically viable city. Continued investments in infrastructure and facilities are critical to support and enhance neighborhoods, stimulate the economy and improve services.

Planning for capital improvements is an ongoing process. As the City's infrastructure ages and as needs change, capital programs and priorities must be adjusted. New construction may be required to accommodate increased demand or replace aging facilities while existing infrastructure requires periodic rehabilitation, replacement or other improvements to protect the City's previous investments.