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Utility Services

Utility Services

The City of Leesburg provides the following services:
  • Customer Service Department.  The department is responsible for utility accounts regarding Leesburg's electric, natural gas, water, wastewater, irrigation, and solid waste services.  
    • Activating, transferring, and terminating services
    • Customer Utility Account Management
    • Online Utility Payment Services 
    • Utility Billing
  • Electric
    • Power Outage Map 
    • Energy Efficiency Rebates
    • Rental/Street Lighting
    • Solar Installations
    • Surge Protection/Meter Treater Program
  •  Solid Waste (Garbage) Services 
    • Residential, Commercial, and Bulk Collections
  • Gas
    • Call Before You Dig 811
    • Report Gas Leaks/Odors/Cut Lines, etc
  • Water
    • Educational Tours Water Conservation
    • Incentive And Rebate Programs
    • Rain Barrels 
    • Irrigation Restrictions and Watering Schedule
    • Reuse 
  • Wastewater (commonly known as sewer or pollution abatement)
    • Sewer Smoke Testing
  • Stormwater
    • Control of rainwater runoff before it ends up in Leesburg’s lakes, streams, and wetlands. 

Pay My Bill via Telephone  - Available 24/7
To make a payment, retrieve balance or other account information: Call (352) 728-9810    (Please have your account number or telephone number available before call). Your account number can be found on your utility bill. 

Turn On or Transfer Utility Services 
  1. Complete the Online Utility Application. (There are 2 options: You may fill out the form and submit the application electronically or print it to submit in person). 
  2. You will need picture identification (a driver's license, passport, government or military ID). 
  3. Residential utility applicants must include a property rental or purchase agreement. (Real estate agents may use a listing agreement).
  4. Commercial utility applicants may provide a copy of the lease for commercial property or provide landlord verification.

Turn Off or Terminate Utility Service

Call Customer Service at (352) 728-9800 to turn off your utility service (OR) email Customer Service General E-MAIL  your request with the following information: date of termination services, forwarding address, and last four digits of social security number for authorization of this request.

Go Paperless or Electronic Billing
Customer Service General E-MAIL  or call customer service at (352) 728-9800

Customer Service General E-MAIL