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Fire hydrant testing through the end of August

Fire hydrant testing through the end of August

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August 15, 2023


 - Thursday, August 17th - Testing will be conducted in the Lake Denham front area.  

 - Wednesday, August 23rd - Hydrants will be checked in the Season at Spring Creek off CR 48.  

 - Tuesday, August 29th – Testing is scheduled for Spanish Village (back side off University)  

          Some areas may experience low water pressure during testing. Sediment stirred up by the hydrant flushing may accumulate in water lines and can affect water clarity.

          Citizens who experience any unusual problems with their water after the hydrants are tested, such as discolored water or excessive air, are encouraged to turn on a faucet outside of the house and let it run for five to ten minutes. This will normally clear the agitated water from the service line to the home. Please delay any laundry until both the hot and cold water lines of the washer have cleared all sediment and returned to normal.

          A slight decline in water quality is common immediately after hydrant testing takes place. If water quality does not improve or further problems occur, contact the City of Leesburg Public Works Department at (352) 728-9835.

          This program allows the City to identify the quantity of water available for firefighting purposes and serves to rid the water distribution system of accumulations of sediment. The testing and maintenance process includes capturing flow readings along with flushing of the fire hydrant and line.