City to host Open House for Tav-Lee Trail Project

City to host Open House for Tav-Lee Trail Project

If you have an interest in the expansion of the Leesburg trail system, we hope you will join us at the Venetian Center on Wednesday, March 1st from 5:30pm-7:00pm for an Open House to learn about the proposed Tav-Lee Trail project.  The City will be hosting this event to review the Preliminary Design and Engineering (PD&E) Reevaluation Study for this segment of our trail plan.   

The PD&E Reevaluation Study considers several areas of trail development including: determining the best route for this section; identifying any environmental or legal issues; and helping to minimize construction costs related to issues such as soil conditions and utility conflicts.  

The recommended path of the Tav-Lee Trail runs near and along US 441 for about six miles.  On the west end it starts at the Venetian Gardens Trail by N. Canal Street and then it extends east to Lakes Boulevard (just past the Lake Square Mall) where it will link with the Tavares trail. 

Public input is an important part of the trail development process and we encourage anyone who would like to participate to come to the Open House.

Tav-Lee PD&E Study meeting