Excess Flow Valves

Excess Flow Valves

Federal regulations (49 CFR 192.383 and 381) requires the installation of excess flow valve safety devices in all new and renewed single-residence lines, branch service lines and commercial customers lines that have a capacity of 1000cfh or less and the pipe diameter of less than 2".   Customers with a capacity of 1000cfh or greater and a pipe diameter of 2" or greater shall have an excess flow valve installed (if available) or a curb valve installed.

The EFV - installed on the new service line near the gas main - is designed to shut off the flow of natural gas automatically if the service line breaks between the gas main and the meter. The device works in much the same way as a circuit breaker in an electrical circuit. However, it is not designed to shut off the flow of gas if a line breaks at the connection of an appliance in the residence or on the customer piping (interior or exterior) on the customer side of the gas meter.

The EFV will shut off the gas from the main if the City’s service line is accidentally damaged by a contractor or an individual working in your yard. These people are already required by law to notify the City of Leesburg Gas Department through the Sunshine One Call system so that the gas lines can be located prior to digging.

The cost of the EFV for a standard ¾” or 1” residential service line is $60 if installed during the initial installation of the gas service. The cost of installation for established services will be determined by using time and material estimates.