City of Leesburg Electric Department Prepares for Hurricane Matthew

City of Leesburg Electric Department Prepares for Hurricane Matthew
Activates Storm Plan
Posted Date:10/5/2016 10:00 AM

LEESBURG – In anticipation of potential impacts from Hurricane Matthew later this week, the city of Leesburg has activated its emergency operations plan and urges its customers to get prepared.

 Depending on its path, Hurricane Matthew is capable of causing widespread power outages and catastrophic property damages. In addition, restoration may be hampered by flooding, downed trees or other obstacles. Leesburg Electric crews are prepared to work long hours after the storm passes, restoring service to customers as quickly and as safely as possible.

Take action now! Create a hurricane survival kit that includes first aid supplies, a battery powered radio, tarps, batteries, and flashlights. Make sure to have a few days’ supply of any needed prescription medicine, baby food and diapers, pet food, canned food and drinking water (at least one gallon per person, per day). Have extra cash on hand and make sure you have a full tank of gas in your car and proper fuel on hand for a gas grill and/or generator. 

Click here for the Lake County Florida Hurricane preparedness Web Guide.

To determine a hurricane evacuation route, visit Information about local shelters that will be open during the storm can be found by visiting the Lake County Shelter web page:   Where Lake County Shelters are Located

If you are a customer that is medically dependent on electricity for oxygen or other equipment, please make sure you have a backup generator in place or additional power backup. Utilities typically cannot respond to customers with special needs during or immediately after a storm. Have an evacuation plan and know special needs shelter locations. If you or someone you know has special electrical medical equipment needs, notify the electric utility prior to the storm’s arrival. 

Customers who experience a power outages are asked to call (352) 728-9830. After the severe weather passes, Leesburg Electric Department crews will begin restoring power as quickly as possible. Crews will begin restoring power by repairing power plants, transmission lines, substations and main distribution lines. Once the main power lines are repaired, crews turn their attention to individual customer outages.  

The Lake County Citizens' Information phone number is 352-253-9999.

If you use a portable generator: DON’T run a generator in the house, DON’T run a generator in the garage, and DON’T plug a generator directly into a house’s main electrical system. The first two could lead to suffocation and the third could send an electrical charge back to the power grid, which would create an electrocution hazard for utility workers. DO set up generators outside in a well-ventilated area, and DO plug individual appliances directly into the generator.