Boil Water Notice for Sections of Beverly Shores Neighborhood in Leesburg

Leesburg, Fla -- The City of Leesburg has issued a boil water notice for the following sections of the Beverly Shores community: North Shore Drive, Lee Court, Norman Avenue, and Mosswood Drive.

This boil water notice is due to Hurricane Irma.

boil water

If you live in the Beverly Shores neighborhood and lost water pressure during Hurricane Irma, your home is included in the boil water notice. 

During a boil water notice, the Florida Department of Health in Lake County recommends one of the following:

• Boil water before use, holding it at rolling boil for at least one minute before using it for drinking, cooking, making ice, brushing teeth, or washing dishes. 

• Disinfect water by adding 8 drops (about 1/8 tsp – this would form a puddle about the size of a dime) of plain unscented household bleach (4 to 6% strength) per gallon of water, and then let it stand for 30 minutes. If the water is cloudy after 30 minutes, repeat the procedure once. If high strength bleach is used (8.25% strength), add 7 drops. 

• Use a container that has a cap or cover for disinfecting and storing water to be used for drinking. This will prevent contamination; or 

• Use bottled water, especially for mixing baby formula.

For further information, please visit The Florida Department of Health website at .