Debris Removal Update


Hurricane Irma debris pickup in Palmora Park

1. Leesburg Public Works crews, together with debris-removal contractors, continue picking up debris as quickly as possible. Approximately 12,000 cubic feet of storm debris have been picked up since Hurricane Irma recovery began.

2. Debris removal operations are daily from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m., including weekends — until completed.

3. During the initial stages of Hurricane Irma recovery, crews were able to pick up about 1000 cubic yards of debris in a day. Recently, with the arrival of additional debris clean up resources, crews have been able to collect as much as 1600 cubic feet of debris in a day. 

4. The total amount of storm debris from Hurricane Irma could be in excess of 50,000 cubic yards and could take several weeks to pick up due to limited. quantity of post-storm debris removal resources available statewide. The City appreciates your patience.

5. Debris pickup began late on September 13 after road-blocking debris had been cleared. The regular garbage collection schedule resumed the week following Hurricane Irma.

6. The areas that experienced the most damage from Hurricane Irma are the Carver Heights,  Palmora Park, and Beverly Shores neighborhoods. Pickup operations initially focused on these areas. Pickup continues in these areas as well as Loves Point, downtown, Sunnyside, and other areas.

7. The City is grateful that residents have responded favorably to the City's request to move debris to the curbside and therefore make it easier for crews to pick up. Please continue to do so. 

Note: Construction debris includes plywood, fencing, roofing materials, storm-damaged furniture, storm-damaged appliances, etc.

(1) Household Trash
(2) Construction debris
(3) Vegetative Storm Debris