Hurricane Irma - Debris Removal Update - October 9, 2017

1. City of Leesburg crews and contractors have filled 1,120 truckloads and removed 23,165 cubic yards of storm debris. 

2. Over the weekend, crews finished up in Leesburg Landing and continued working on Shore Acres. 

3. Crews also continued their city-wide sweep of debris removal making 3rd and 4th pass pickups in some areas. 

4. Remaining debris removal work includes: 

    • Picking up scattered piles in various areas
    • Finishing Shore Acres (today) and then focusing on construction/demolition debris collection 
    • Cleaning up City-owned property and trails 
    • Removing stumps (to begin no later than Wednesday, October 11) 
    • City debris burning (anticipated to begin at the landfill by the end of the week) 

5. The City reminds residents that privately contracted tree trimmers and landscapers are required to properly dispose of the debris they generate. Hurricane recovery debris removal crews will not be picking up new, freshly cut vegetation debris. Their necessary focus is on removing older, storm-related debris. Please do not mix new trimmings with storm debris -- it will not get picked up. 

6. The City of Leesburg greatly appreciates your patience.