Hurricane Irma Debris Removal Update

1. Leesburg Public Works crews, together with debris-removal contractors, continue picking up debris as quickly as possible.  crews have picked up 16,939 cubic yards of storm debris. It has taken 819 truckloads to pick up the debris thus far.

2. Approximately 95% of the "first pass" of debris pickup is complete. Some of the areas in the first pass include Palmora Park, Beverly Shores, Carver Heights, Loves Point, the Stock subdivision, and Sunnyside. 

3. There will be a second pass for debris removal that is planned in order to give residents and businesses the opportunity to bring any additional storm debris to the curbside.

4. The City reminds all residents to separate vegetation storm debris from construction debris. Piles of mixed debris will not be picked up.  Construction debris includes plywood, fencing, roofing materials, storm-damaged furniture and carpet, storm-damaged appliances, etc.

5.  Below are an illustration and a photo of properly-separated debris and trash:


     (1) household Trash (2) construction debris (3) vegetation debris


6. If debris piles were not picked up on the first pass, please ensure that the piles do not contain mixed debris. Below is an example of mixed, un-separated debris. Debris removal crews will not pick up this kind of pile.


                  Example of mixed, un-separated debris    

7. The City reminds all residents to bring any additional storm-related vegetation debris to the curbside no later than this weekend (Sept. 30 -Oct. 1).

8. Debris removal operations are daily from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m., including weekends — until completed. 

9. The total amount of storm debris from Hurricane Irma is now estimated to be upwards of 23,000 cubic yards.  The City appreciates your patience.