Look Out for Gas Pipelines When Doing Yard Work

This is the time of year for doing yard work around your home or business. The City of Leesburg Gas Department reminds all customers and landscape companies to use caution when cutting grass around public utilities.

Gas Pipelines

All properties served by Leesburg natural gas have metering equipment connected to gas pipelines. Most times, these meters are located along the outer walls of structures with the service pipeline directed up from the ground.

Leesburg utilizes steel pipelines with an exterior coating that prevents corrosion and other naturally occurring weathering. Lawn mowers, weed trimmers and other tools and equipment can damage the protective coating when they strike gas pipes.

Use caution when cutting grass near these meters. Mow around the devices or use a trimmer guard to prevent striking pipes.

These safety tips will ensure years of maintenance-free service for your meter and connections. Also, make sure to notify any landscape companies that serve your property.

The exterior pipeline protection most often is colored black or bright green. The exposed and corroded steel pipeline is a rusty red or brown color.

Natural gas customers are responsible for maintaining the gas piping downstream of the gas meter. These pipelines are located between the outlet of the meter and the home or business. Please do not attempt to repair or paint city gas pipelines, which typically run up from the ground (and through the grass) to the meters. Instead, if you notice significant loss of exterior protection to city pipelines, or if you have any questions, please contact the Leesburg Gas Department at (352) 728-9840.

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