Hurricane Irma - Debris Removal Update - October 3, 2017

Hurricane Irma - Debris Removal Update - October 3, 2017
1,003 truckloads have removed nearly 21,000 cubic yards of debris

1. Citywide Hurricane Irma-related debris removal continues. Mobile home parks are included in the pick up rounds. 

2. The City reminds residents that privately contracted tree trimmers and landscapers are required to properly dispose of the debris they generate. Hurricane recovery debris removal crews will not be picking up new, freshly cut vegetation debris. Their necessary focus is on removing older, storm-related debris. Do not mix new trimmings with storm debris -- it will not get picked up. 

3. Crews in Leesburg have used 1,003 truckloads to remove nearly 21,000 cubic yards of storm debris. 

4. The second pass for debris removal is complete and a third pass is beginning with the purpose of picking up piles that were not properly separated initially or were otherwise missed. 

5. Over this past weekend, crews completed cleanup in the Arlington Ridge, 
The Meadows neighborhoods, and most of the Legacy community. 

6. Among the most heavily impacted areas included in the "first pass" of debris pickup were: Palmora Park, Beverly Shores, Carver Heights, Loves Point, the Stock subdivision, and Sunnyside. 

7. The City of Leesburg greatly appreciates your patience.