Fleet Services

Fleet Services

Fleet services building at Public Works complexThe Fleet Maintenance Division is staffed by a Fleet Manager, 1 administrative assistant, a shop supervisor, and 5 mechanics. The division is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of all vehicles and equipment operated by the various departments and utilities of the City of Leesburg. The division is also responsible for the disposal of surplus vehicles and equipment through authorized outlets according to strict policies and procedures approved by the City Commission. 

The Fleet technical staff are all highly trained and certified, holding certifications such as, Emergency Vehicle Technician (EVT), Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), and Master ASE. 

There are approximately 650 vehicles and pieces of equipment in the operating departments and utilities. Almost all repairs and services are performed by our in-house staff, including air conditioning repairs and retrofits, brake repairs, preventive maintenance, and annual inspections. 

White Front End Loader garbage truck This department also maintains (2) fueling sites with responsibility for the fuel acquisition, monitoring, adherence to state regulations, and the overall site operations. The sites dispense an average of 21,000 gallons/month. 

The division operates a vehicle wash building located at the Public Works Complex, which is open to all City departments and utilities and used by the Florida Department of Transportation under a continuing contract with the department.