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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Mission Statement 

The Leesburg Police Department exists to protect and serve its citizens. The department is committed to work in partnership with all citizens for the mutual purpose of promoting safe streets and neighborhoods, reducing the fear of crime, and improving the overall quality of life within the community. 

Department Values 

  • We will display honesty, integrity, and sincerity in personal conduct and interpersonal interactions.
  • We will obey, honor, and defend the laws of the State of Florida and the United States constitution.
  • We will accept full responsibility and accountability for our actions.
  • We will do our best, no matter the complexity or simplicity of the task.
  • We will treat people with mutual respect and dignity.
  • We will have empathy and compassion for others.
  • We will use sound, innovative problem-solving techniques. We will both educate and learn from  our community, working together to accomplish common goals.

Vision Statement 

The Leesburg Police Department strives to serve and protect our diverse and dynamic community with fairness, integrity, and respect for the rights of the individual. We resolve to develop a creative, forward-thinking workforce, dedicated to raising our level of excellence to meet the challenges of tomorrow. 

Department Motto 

“To protect and serve with integrity, courage, compassion, and intelligence.”