Fallen Officers

Fallen Officers

Image of Leesburg PD fallen badge

Officers and
 staff of the Leesburg Police Department respectfully recognize the dedication, service and sacrifice of those lost in the line of duty protecting our community.

Chief James Lee Hux 
Leesburg Police Department, Leesburg, Florida 
Fallen: February 13, 1924 

Image of Chief James Lee Hux 

Chief Hux, the first Police Chief for the City of Leesburg, Florida, was fatally injured while attempting to locate a second suspect near an illegal still operation. Chief Hux was shot with a shotgun, on the rear portion of his head, by the sixteen year old suspect. Chief Hux was the first law enforcement officer to give his life “In the Line of Duty” in Lake County, Florida. 

Chief Bishop W. Haney
Leesburg Police Department, Leesburg, Florida
Fallen: October 10, 1937 

 Image of Chief Bishop W. Haney 
On Sunday, October 10, 1937, Chief Bishop W. Haney and Officer Foy Parrish of the Leesburg Police Department observed a vehicle being driven in a reckless manner. They attempted to pull the reckless driver over, however, the suspect refused to stop.  Chief Haney and Officer Parrish eventually stopped the vehicle by forcing it to the curb. As they detained the two occupants from the suspect vehicle, Chief Haney collapsed unconscious to the ground, bruising his head on the gravel street.  Moments later, two passersby stopped to offer their assistance. The good Samaritans placed Bishop Haney in their car and drove him to a local  hospital where he was pronounced dead upon his arrival.

Officer Jesse F. Beerbower
Leesburg Police Department, Leesburg, Florida
Fallen: February 13, 1944

Image of Officer Jesse F Beerbower
Officer Beerbower was fatally injured after being shot six times, with a .38 caliber revolver by a suspect being arrested for Disorderly Conduct. Officer Beerbower was the third law enforcement officer to give his life “In the Line of Duty” in Leesburg, Florida.