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Planning and Zoning

Planning and Zoning


Dan Miller
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The City of Leesburg is partnering with all state, federal and local agencies to help end the spread of COVID-19. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation as we continue to maintain all possible operations. 
- Beginning APRIL 2, 2020 the Planning & Zoning Division is accepting all applications in PDF format via email.  All completed applications may be submitted in PDF format to:   (Planning and Zoning General E-MAIL).
- New, fillable forms available Planning & Zoning applications.
- If you do not see the application needed for your specific request, please contact us at (Planning and Zoning General E-MAIL) and staff will forward all required information.

The Planning and Zoning Division is charged with management and coordination of all land development activities in Leesburg, responding courteously and efficiently to all customer needs.  The division conducts the review of new development projects and renovations, reviews and makes recommendations for rezoning, conditional use, variance, site plan and subdivision applications.

Applications are reviewed for completeness and compliance with state and city land development codes and comprehensive plan. The division also prepares and presents cases and requests to the Planning Commission, City Commission and Historic Preservation Board. The Planning and Zoning Division addresses questions from the public and other government agencies about the City's land development rules and procedures, assessing water and wastewater impact fees, and distributes building and site plans among City departments.

Planning Commission
Tim Sennett, Chairman
Nathaniel Sanders, Vice-Chairman
Ted Bowersox
Frazier J. Marshall
John O'Kelley
Stewart Kaplan
Ze'Shieca Carter

Ken Simeone (Alternate)
Darin Akkerman (Alternate)


The City of Leesburg Commission is seeking citizens who are willing to serve on the following boards.  Applications can be found on the City's website,, on the City Clerk's page under Boards and Commissions.  For additional information, please contact the City Clerk at 352-728-9732.  


Three regular members of a seven member Commission to serve a three-year term to expire September 30, 2022.  Responsibilities: Long range planning activities such as the Comprehensive Plan, current planning reviews of applications for rezoning, conditional uses, comprehensive plan amendments, etc.  The Planning Commission also functions as the Board of Appeals and hears variance requests and appeals of administrative decisions.  Meets third Thursday of the month in the City Commission Chambers, City Hall, at 4:30pm.


Two regular members to serve as part of a seven member board to serve a three-year term and one alternate to serve a three-year term.  Responsibilities: To work with the Planning Division in application of design standards to properties requesting alterations, construction, demolition, relocation or removal in the Historic District.  To recognize historic properties in the District where significant physical improvements have been made.  To develop programs to promote historic preservation in the City of Leesburg.  Meets fourth Wednesday of the month in the Commission Chambers, City Hall, at 4:30pm.

All applications should be submitted by Wednesday, August 14th, 2023, to the City Clerk’s Office at Leesburg City Hall, 501 W. Meadow Street, or by mail to P.O. Box 490630, Leesburg, FL 34748