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Greater Leesburg Community Development Agency (GLCRA)

Greater Leesburg Community Development Agency (GLCRA)

About the Greater Leesburg CRA

The City of Leesburg created the Greater Leesburg Community Redevelopment Agency (GLCRA) on May 28, 1996 (Resolution 4994) pursuant to Section 163.512 Florida Statutes. The redevelopment plan evaluates the Redevelopment Areas’ physical and economic conditions, accomplishments, current challenges and development opportunities facing the community. The plan also presents redevelopment strategies and tasks to encourage economic development, preserve and enhance property values, improve pedestrian safety, provide recreational facilities, and assist in homeownership.

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Greater Leesburg 2023

Redevelopment Area Boundary

The Redevelopment Area is divided between downtown Leesburg and the Pine Street Community.

CRA Goals

The Leesburg Redevelopment Plan identified four major objectives:

  1. Establish the boundary of the redevelopment area and the creation of the redevelopment agency
  2. Assess the current status of the redevelopment area
  3. Establish goals and time frames for making necessary improvements within the redevelopment area
  4. Identify funding sources to fund necessary improvements
In addition to revitalizing the downtown area, housing is a major concern for the redevelopment area. New housing inventory and rehabilitation of existing structures are also needed.

CRA Board

The GLCRA is a seven (7) member board consisting of the five (5) sitting members of the City Commission and two (2) citizen members appointed by the City Commission for four (4) year terms. Members of the Agency must reside within the corporate limits of the City of Leesburg.   One appointed member must reside in, or engage in business in, that portion of the GLCRA that lies east of Canal Street.  The other appointed member must reside in, or engage in business in, that portion of the GLCRA that lies west of Canal Street.   The area of responsibility for this Agency includes the historic business district along Main Street, and the area East of Canal Street known as the Pine Street Area.

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