Carver Heights Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)

Carver Heights Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)

About Carver Heights CRA
The City of Leesburg established the Carver Heights/Montclair Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) in December 2001 and began to implement the plan for redevelopment in 2002. The plan evaluates the Redevelopment Areas’ physical and economic conditions, accomplishments, current challenges and development opportunities facing the community. The plan also presents redevelopment strategies and tasks to encourage economic development, preserve and enhance property values, improve pedestrian safety, provide recreational facilities, and assist in homeownership.

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Redevelopment Area Boundary CRA Map

The Carver Heights/Montclair Redevelopment Area is approximatelycarver heights 2023
1492 + acres in size and is illustrated in the image to the right. The CHMRA is generally bounded to the north by the Fruitland Park City limits and old railroad right of way run South 1453 + feet to Wal-Mart, East 1320 + feet to US 27/441 and run south to Griffin Road. Run West along Griffin Road to Susan Street. Run south along Susan Street, and continue southwards to Center Street. Run west long Center Street to Montclair Road West to CR 468. Follow Leesburg City limits west to Lewis Street. Follow Leesburg City limits in a general easterly and northern direction to point of beginning. Test

CRA Goals

  • Develop Parklands, trailheads, and open space
  • Install sidewalks on Area Roadways
  • Provide Housing Assistance Programs
  • Install Street Lights in the CRA area
  • Fund the installation and construction of hardscape and landscape gateway features
  • Create a strong neighborhood which strengthens the sense of community and social fabric
  • Create a Development Incentive Program for Small Business and Industrial Users
  • Provide a Multi-Model Transportation System
  • Develop Community Center
  • Assess Housing Type Needs
  • Assess Commercial Needs
Budget Reports:

General Contact Information

Sandra Wilson
Housing Director 
1041 County Road 468
Leesburg, FL 34748 
Phone: 352-728-9765, ext. 1310 
Email Housing Director

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