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History and Video Library

History and Video Library

Construction of Leesburg Army Airfield was started in late 1941 by the Army Air Corps.  By 1943 servicemen of the 313th Tactical Fighter Squadron were training to fly P-40’s and later P-47’s in the skies over Leesburg. The airport was used by the Army for training and testing and for a short time as a POW camp. It was deactivated in 1947 and in 1948 it was deemed surplus and deeded to the City of Leesburg.

HISTORYAirport History Book cover

Leesburg International Airport & 150 Years of History by Lee King, PHD and Ken Huff, PHD  

DAR presents historic marker to Leesburg International Airport - January 2019 
Historic Marker PWP_2850a2

Airport Update - Project August 2023    
Airport Update February 2023 - Air Traffic Control Tower  
Airport Update July 2022 - ARFF Truck
Airport Update June 2022 - US Customs & Border Protection
Airport Update May 2022 - Learn to Fly
Airport Update - March 2022  
Seaplane Splash-In - January 2022  
John McCrary Dream Flight - Lake Report September 2021  
Box Hangar Ribbon Cutting December 2020
Wings of Freedom Tour - Collings Foundation January 2019