Yard Sale Permits


Yard sales, garage sales, carport sales, and charity sales such as car washes are governed by the City's Code of Ordinances. Violation may result in a citation requiring you to appear before the Code Enforcement Board. Permits are only issued for residents within Leesburg city limits.  Please bring photo identification. 

  1. You must have a permit to hold one of these sales. 
  2. You may apply for a permit at the Information Desk on the first floor 
    of City Hall. 
  3. Permits are free. 
  4. Permits are issued only for Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. 
  5. You MAY NOT have a sale on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. 
  6. You must specify the day or days of the sale by date. You may 
    request a permit for two consecutive Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 
    dates. (For a total of no more than six days) .
  7. You must wait 90 days after the last date on the permit before you can 
    apply for another permit. 
  8. You must display the permit at the sale. 
  9. You may not display merchandise after the expiration date on the 
  10. You may not post signs on any City property.

For more information, call (352) 728-9700.