Leesburg Online Services - Payment Options

 Welcome to the City of Leesburg Online Services. 

The City of Leesburg is proud to present our residents with this convenient and quick way to access their government. The City's online software provides up-to-date information concerning your utility account and a payment options for various services identified below.  

Pay your bills securely online using Discover Mastercard Visa Logo

Online Services for Utility Accounts -Leesburg Online Services for provides customers the ability to view their utility bills over a secure Internet connection. Customers can also view comprehensive, current account information, billing history, and service and consumption summaries.  Go to Online Services for Utility Accounts link above to access services or Utility Accounts on left hand menu.   For Online-Payment Instructions or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).

  • IMPORTANT!   If paying beyond your original due date, please contact us to avoid interruption of  services at (352) 728-9808.


Online Service for Business Tax Receipts  
Leesburg Online Services for Business Account Management allows business tax information to be viewed over the Internet. Business Owners can search for businesses and view any outstanding balances for current and prior year tax periods.  Go to Online Services for Business Tax Receipts above to access services or select in menu options. 

Online Service for Building Permits 
Leesburg Online Services for Building Permits (BP) enables citizens and contractors to view their permit process, upload documents, schedule inspections, and view inspection results. 

All Building Permit Fees will be due at the time of application submittal. Your application will not be processed until fees are paid in full.  Go to Online Services for Building Permits link above to access services or select in menu options. 

Online Services for Planning and Zoning
Leesburg online services for Planning and Zoning (P&Z) allows access to planning and zoning projects that are currently active with the city.  Fees, Plans review status and attachments can be viewed. Go to Online Services for Planning and Zoning link above to access services or select in menu options. 

Online Services for Code Enforcement
Case searches can now be completed online.  Cases can be searched by Case Id, Case Id with Pin, Address, Owner, or Business Name. Go to Online Services for Code Enforcement link above to access services or select in menu options.