What is Smart Irrigation Month?

smart irrigation month logoThe Smart Irrigation Month campaign focuses on implementing simple practices to improve the efficiency of irrigation systems. Consumers can save money on utility bills while helping to protect community water supplies for today and the future. When property owners and managers over water, it leads to larger bill and an unnecessary amount of water waste. To kick off Smart Irrigation Month we are promoting products and providing tips to help consumers save water and money. 

If you would like to celebrate Smart irrigation month, please contact our water conservation coordinator for a free irrigation evaluation. During the evaluation you will be given instructions on properly programming your irrigation timer and given a visual inspection of your systems performance.


Irrigation Restrictions

Mandatory irrigation restrictions specify the days when you may water your lawn. These restrictions are put in place to help increase the supply of potable water available to our residents.  The days each resident is permitted to water their lawn depends on the community they reside in, the time of year and their address.

Water only as much as your lawn needs.  Do not water between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.  Do not water during rainy weather (make sure your automatic irrigation system’s rain sensor is working) and make sure to only water your yard – avoid spraying onto streets or vehicle driveways. 

Remember to conserve whenever possible.  It’s good for Florida’s environment and it's also good for your budget - the more water you use, the more your water bill will increase. 

Irrigation Schedule – Know Your Days

 Eastern Standard Time – First Sunday in November until the second Sunday in March

Addresses ending in an even number:        Sunday
Addresses ending in an odd number:          Saturday
Nonresidential properties:                             Tuesday

Daylight Savings Time – Second Sunday in March until the first Sunday in November

Addresses ending in an even number:        Thursday/Sunday
Addresses ending in an odd number:          Wednesday/Saturday
Nonresidential properties:                             Tuesday/Friday

*Residents of Royal Highlands and The Plantation at Leesburg are on a separate irrigation schedule.
Please check with your HOA to verify the irrigation schedule for the pod or precinct that you reside in.

*Watering is not permitted for any area between the hours of 10AM and 4PM.

For more information, visit the St. Johns River Water Management District website at