Autopay is a FREE service offered to our utility customers. With Autopay you will still receive your monthly utility bill either electronically, by mail or both (your choice). Your utility payment is automatically deducted from your designated bank account on the due stated on your utility bill. *This may take up to 2 billing periods to begin your first deduction once we receive your application.

To initiate Autopay, simply complete the authorization form (link below) and return it to Customer Service with a voided check. It usually takes about 30 days after your authorization form has been accepted by the City of Leesburg and processed by your bank for the Autopay service to begin.

Upon receipt of authorization, your monthly statement will contain the following notation: "DO NOT PAY. AUTOPAY WILL PROCESS YOUR PAYMENT." You must pay your bill in the normal manner until this statement appears on your bill.

For subsequent months, the funds to pay your bill will be transferred from your checking or savings account on the "Past Due After" date stated on your bill with no further action on your part.

Please remember to deduct the amount of your bill from your checking or savings account records. If, for any reason, your payment is not honored by your financial institution, it will be treated as a returned check.

Should the bank account you have authorized change or be closed, you are responsible for providing written notification to the City of Leesburg at least 30 days prior to the change.

Any adjustments or credits to the current bill will be reflected on the following month's bill. If you terminate your account with the City, the final bill will not be processed with the Autopay service; it will be sent directly to you for payment.

Submit Electronically or Download the Autopay application.

For more information, please contact Customer Service General E-MAIL