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  • Seasonal Aquatics Positions

Are you looking for an opportunity that helps you build skills, develop leadership, and gain marketable job qualities?  This summer we are looking to hire Lifeguards, Head Guards, Water Safety Instructors, and Splash Pad Attendants. Candidates must be at least 15 years old to apply. Lifeguard Certification classes as well as Water Safety Classes will be offered prior to summer season. Jobs applications will be accepted beginning March.

Apply online at www.leesburgflorida.gov . (Applications can be found in the Human Resources section)
For more information contact Brian Andreichuk at Brian.andreichuk@leesburgflorida.gov

First Time Candidates

  • Lifeguard Rookie School

First-time candidates interested in employment may attend one of our no cost Lifeguard recruitment assessment programs when offered. No certifications required. This will be offered to Thursday, April 22. 5pm – 7:30pm at the HO Dabney Pool. Aquatic skills are assessed using the Lifeguard Certification pretest:

  1. Swim 300 yards continuously using the breast stroke or front crawl with rhythmic breathing,
  2. Swim 20 yards then retrieve a 10-pound object from the bottom, return to starting point and exit the water within 1 minute 40 seconds, and
  3. Tread water, legs only for 2 minutes.

Leadership qualities are observed and the employment interview is conducted. Candidates will get an opportunity to become part of example scenarios and learn about job expectations. Once completed, candidates must enroll and pass the lifeguard certification program to be eligible for hire.

Call us at (353)728-9885 to reserve your FREE Spot.

  • Lifeguard Certification Classes

Lifeguard Class 1 – Blended

Dates: March 24 (4:00pm-5:30pm); March 29 (4:00pm-8:30pm); March 31 (4:00pm-8:00pm); 
                April 2 (9:00am-3:30pm); April 5 (4:00pm-8:00pm); April 7 (4:00pm-8:00pm)

Cost: $200 per participant 

Lifeguard Class 2 – Blended

Dates: April 4 (4:00pm-5:30pm); April 9 (9:00am-3:30pm); April 16 (9:00am-4:00pm); April 23
               (9:00am-3:30pm); April 30 (9:00am-12:00pm)

Cost: $200 per participant 

  • Lifeguard Recertification

May 7th  (9:00am – 5:30pm)

Cost $100 

  • Water Safety Instructor Class

Dates: May 5 (4:00pm-6:00pm); May 14 (9:00am-4:00pm); May 17 (4:00pm-8:00pm); May 19
                (4:00pm-8:00pm); May 21 (1:00pm-6:30pm)

Cost $286

For more information, contact us at:

Leesburg Recreation Complex
1851 Griffin Road Leesburg, FL 34748
Telephone: 352.728.9885 - Fax: 352.326.6225
Email: Recreation Department