Water Shortage Warning..March 2017

The St. Johns River Water Management District issued a Water Shortage Warning Order on March 14, 2017 for Lake County:

Image of Water Faucet Linking a cause of Water Shortage

a. The warning order includes all surface and groundwater sources throughout Lake County. b. All classes of water users are encouraged to reduce their water use and to conserve water to the maximum extent possible.

b. All landscaping irrigation users are urged to voluntarily reduce their water use by limiting irrigation to no more than two days each week, which is also required by Rule 40C-2.042, F.A.C., during daylight saving time.

c. All golf course irrigation users are encouraged to use water in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 40C-21.631(3)(e), F.A.C. (See Exhibit "A" below).

d. All water-based recreation users are encouraged to use water in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 40C-21.631(3)(f), F.A.C. (See Exhibit "A" below).

e. These voluntary restrictions shall not be construed to limit any activities designed to prevent the spread of fire or to save property from being destroyed by fire.

f. These voluntary restrictions do not exempt any water users from complying with applicable mandatory water use restrictions placed on utility customers due to capacity problems with water supply facilities. In such cases, water users are urged to reduce water use in a manner consistent with the specific, local restrictions and, to the extent practicable, with this Order. For example, landscape irrigation should be reduced to two days per week on the days allowed under local utility restrictions.

g. This order in no way affects the District's permanent water conservation rule, Rule 40C-2.042, F.A.C., which, among other restrictions, prohibits in most instances lawn and landscape irrigation between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

h. The Governing Board requests that water supply utilities notify customers of this water shortage warning and the importance of water conservation, notify the District's Office of Communication prior to implementing any utility-specific water restriction, and provide input and comment through the District's Water Utility Advisory Board on proposed water use restrictions that may become necessary.

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View Official the Official Water Shortage Warning Document


Golf Course Use:

1. Irrigation of greens and tees should be voluntarily reduced and accomplished 
during non-daylight hours. 

2. Irrigation of fairways, roughs and nonplaying areas on the first nine holes of the 
course should be restricted to the hours of 12:01 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday and Saturday. 

4. Applications of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides should be coordinated with 
irrigation schedules. 

Water Based Recreation Use: 

1. Water based recreation water use should be voluntarily reduced. 

2. Draining of facilities into sewers or onto impervious surfaces should not occur. 

3. Existing facilities should not re refilled except for makeup water.