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Mote Morris House Restoration

Mote Morris House Restoration

Mote-Morris House  Front Porch of Mote-Morris House


The Historic Mote-Morris House, built in 1892, and one of only a few original remaining residences in Leesburg, suffered severe fire damage in 2018. With its Victorian architecture, two-story bays and four-story turrets, this home had had very minor modifications in its 102 years. However, as a result of this unfortunate occurrence, there was a considerable amount of damage done to the building, both structurally and cosmetic. With the assistance of Evergreen Construction, the City of Leesburg was able to successfully restore the Mote-Morris House back to its original charm.

   Fire Damage to Front Porch of Mote-Morris House  Mote-Morris House Under Construction Due To Fire Damage


    Fast Facts:
    Architect: KMF Architects
    Contractor: Evergreen Construction 
    Project Cost: $1,516,000.00
    Start Date of Restoration: August 2019 
    Estimated Completion: January 2021

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