Dedicated to our Community, Committed to Service Excellence


1. We Value Excellence In All We Do
We believe in doing the right things at the right time. We believe we will spend enough time and money to do it right the first time. We place great emphasis in treating our citizens as our customers and giving respect to all individuals. We strive for a high level of customer satisfaction. In our commitment to being good at what we do, we view the pursuit of excellence as a continuing process.

2. We Value Open, Accessible Government
The honesty of government is assured when its actions are taken openly. Honest government  is our first responsibility. Openness encourages competence because its subjects our actions to public scrutiny.

3. We Value Fiscal Responsibility
Thoughtful prioritization and careful management of our financial resources demonstrates our respect for the citizens whose taxes support our organization. Fiscal responsibility includes recognition that resources are limited and necessitates fresh approaches and creativity in addressing current operations and community needs.

4. We Value Professionalism
A professional attitude dictates objective analysis of issues, free of personal bias, and with a commitment to the organization and the community. Successful completion of a task is more important than who gets the credit.

5. We Value A Caring Organization
We believe that our work should be a source of enjoyment and satisfaction, both to our employees and our citizens. We seek to reward employees who have the personal qualities that contribute to a positive work environment: energy, a strong work ethic, independence of thought, a ready sense of humor and a caring attitude. We strive to provide a competitive salary, an opportunity for personal growth and development, and a safe, family-friendly workplace. We place great emphasis on treating all individuals with respect.

6. We Value Organizational Development And Self Sufficiency
We believe our supervisors and team leaders must serve as mentors and develop staff to ensure the continuity of government and services. We place great emphasis upon cross training of employees to ensure services are delivered without interruption.  We support professional development programs to prepare employees for advancement as the basis for succession planning.

7. We Value Employee Empowerment
We believe in employee empowerment through involvement in decision making and problem solving.  Informed employees feel involved, know that their opinions matter, have the opportunity to influence what happens, and take ownership.

We are proud of the City of Leesburg, its employees, and the citizens we serve.