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Solar installation

Image of solar-panel-array

As part of our commitment to support renewable energy, the City of Leesburg Electric Department is pleased to offer net metering. Net metering is a service that permits customers to offset part or all of their electric needs with their own renewable generating systems. Net metering promotes the development of renewable energy by allowing customers to use their own generation on-site, and to sell any excess generation to their electric utility.

The excess generation that is produced is purchased by the FMPA, through the City of Leesburg. The rate is determined by FMPA. This rate is similar to a wholesale rate, and is lower than the retail rate you purchase power from the City of Leesburg. In 2020, that rate averaged $ 0.02 per kWh. The residential retail rate is $0.0923 per kWh (includes the cost of BPCA).

The Average size (kW) residential solar system in the City is 7.88 kW.

Monthly averages of Solar Production and Savings:

Average monthly kWh produced by solar:                833
Average monthly kWh sold to the City:                      371
Average monthly kWh used by the customer:          440
Average monthly credit to the customer: $7.38
Average Monthly savings to the customer (energy, energy credit and taxes) $62.45

These numbers are based on data from the solar customers in the City of Leesburg Electric Department's service territory. The actual amounts customers may see can be higher or lower.

The average savings for a 1 kW panel is $7.98 per month. A 10kW system would save on average $79.80 per month or $957.60 annually.

Solar Systems average $3  per watt. A 10,000 watt (10 kW) system would cost $30,000.

Steps for Solar installations:

  1. Research and select a system to be installed.
  2. Complete an “Application for Interconnection”, and complete the "Standard Interconnection Agreement" and the "Tri Party Net Metering Power Purchase Agreement". Submit to the Electric Department for review. Include a one line diagram of the proposed system so that it is verified it meets City of Leesburg Electric Department's requirements.
  3. The City of Leesburg Electric Department will review the application. Notification will be sent to the customer on the status of the application.
  4. The Customer will have the solar installation installed and inspected by the local building department.

  5. The customer will contact the City of Leesburg Electric Department to have a “Bi Directional” meter installed in the main meter panel, as well as a second meter installed that measures the output of the solar panel.

  6. The Customer must then give written notice, at least 10 days in advance, to the City of Leesburg that the solar installation is being activated and producing energy.

A copy of an electric bill with solar

Please note: The City of Leesburg requires a Solar Production meter can to be installed by the contractor. Leesburg will install a second solar production meter at no cost to the customer to monitor the production of the solar system.
The City of Leesburg Electric Department does not allow load or line side taps in the breaker box. Solar leads must terminate on a breaker within the Main Panel.

Image of Solar Installation on House
A picture of a solar installation with Inverter, Disconnects,
Solar Production meter and Existing Meter can.

typical solar installationSolar one line diagram

For more information, contact:
City of Leesburg Electric Service Planner Supervisor
Phone: (352) 728-9786, ext 2021
ax: (352) 326-6621
Email:  Electric Service Planners