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Removing Electric Service and Meter

Removing Meter and Service

City of Leesburg
Electric Department
"Removing Electric Service and Meter"

Are you relocating a mobile home and need the electric meter and service removed from the mobile? Are you tearing down a house or building and need the electric service removed?

Here are the steps to have the electric meter and service removed from the dwelling or building.

  1. Obtain a Demolition or removal permit from the Building agency that has jurisdiction (Leesburg, Lake County, Sumter County or Fruitland Park).
  2. Contact Customer Service by phone at 352-728-9800 or in person at 501 West Meadow Street. Ask for an order to remove the ELECTRIC METER AND SERVICE. Please have the meter #(s) and address(es) of the services you want removed. Please give Customer Service a date when you would like the service removed. It may take up to 96 hours or more for a crew to be dispatched and the service removed!
  3. Customer Service will notify the Electric Department with an order for REMOVAL OF METER AND SERVICE.
  4. The Electric Department will create a work order and dispatch a crew to remove the electric meter and service.
You can call our operators at 352-728-9830 to see when the service is scheduled to be removed. Services that require removals of poles or other conductors, may take longer.

Please do not attempt to remove the electric meter and service on your own. AVOID DAMAGE AND FINES by contacting the Electric Department first at (352) 728-9830!

Meter tamper fees will be applied if the meter seal has been broken, or the service has been removed without the Electric Department removing the service.