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Conversion of Overhead Lines to Underground Service

Convert Overhead service to Underground service

City of Leesburg
Electric Department
Overhead service conversion to underground service

What does it cost to convert my Overhead service to underground service?
Fees vary for overhead to underground service conversions.  The prices are based on a base charge for labor and equipment, as well as a per foot charge for installation of the underground conductors. Prices will depend on what type of installation method is used to install the underground cable. Certain areas may be able to be hand dug, while others have to use “trenchless technology”, like directional boring. 

Who is responsible to upgrade the meter can?
The customer is responsible to upgrade or change out the meter can to one that can be fed from underground. The homeowner can either hire a licensed electrician or do the work themselves. Permits and inspections are required for all work prior to reconnecting.

All services shall have a main disconnect on the outside of the house or building for safety reasons.

If you plan on converting your electric service, call a Service Planner at 352-728-9786, extensions 2020, 2021 or 2026, or email at Electric Service Planners, prior to starting any work. They will meet you onsite to determine if any additional work may be required. The Service Planner will complete a “Service Request” form which will be needed at Customer Service to pay all applicable fees. The form must also be presented at the City of Leesburg Building Department to obtain a permit.

After all fees are paid, and permits are secured, the customer can call our System Operators at (352)-728-9830 to schedule underground to be buried for an Electric Service conversion.
Once the underground is installed, it will be up to the customer to call and schedule the overhead service removal, and the connection of the underground service.  Please call a minimum of 72 hours ahead of time to get placed on the schedule.

The customer must have the service inspected prior to reconnection, no exceptions!  

Here is a link to our "Service Requirements" or "Blue Book". If you are thinking of doing business with the City, please take the time to read our "Blue Book".


"2020 Service Requirements Booklet"