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Building Permit Required Work

Building Permit Required Work

City of Leesburg
Electric Department
Building Permit Required Work

The City of Leesburg Electric Department  is often questioned on what type of work requires a permit. Since we work within 4 jurisdictions, the answer is not always the same.  We have contacted the individual permitting agencies and put together this information for our customers.
Here is what we were able to put together for our customers.

City of Leesburg

Permit and inspection required for all work.
Emergency situations (after hours)
A permit and inspection can be obtained after the work is completed.
Scada will email the building department in the case of emergency reconnects.

Lake County and Fruitland Park

Permit and inspection is required:
If a service is “altered” in any form, a permit and inspection is required.
If a homeowner does any work a permit and inspection is required.
Repair work;
If a licensed electrician does any repair work, a permit or inspection is not needed.
If a homeowner does any work a permit and inspection is required.

All Jurisdictions

An inspection will not be required if an electrical service has been off for more than a year (or any amount of time).
The service personnel responsible for setting or turning on meters, will have the discretion of not turning on a service if it is unsafe.

City of Leesburg Electric Department-              352-728-9830

City of Leesburg Building Department             352-728-9750

City of Fruitland Park Building Department    352-360-6652

Lake County Building Services-Permits            352-343-9653

Lake County Building Services-Inspections      352-343-9634

Sunshine One Call- Locates                                 811