Building Fee Schedule

Effective: October 1, 2019

When calculating permit fees, include 1.5% for BCA Surcharge/Recovery and 1.0% for DBPR Surcharge.
These fees will be added to the cost for each permit type
If the 1.5% or 1% surcharge is less than $2.00, the minimum charge of $2.00 will be added to each permit type.

 Adminstrative Cost  Permit Fees
 Change of Primary Contractor  $37.50
Change of Subcontractor $22.50
 Modification of plans at any time after initial submittal per trade (minor)  $37.50
 Approve or Re-Stamp Construction Plans after permit issuance  $37.50
 Pre-Power Approval forms for 1st 60 days $45.00 
 Temporary / Conditional Certificate of Occupancy  $82.50
 Replace Building Permit Card $5.00
 Extension of Permit (only one 90-day extension may be granted) Greater of 10% of original permit fee or $100.00
 Change of Use/Occupancy (inspection required)  $112.50
 Special Inspections - After Hours - Monday - Friday (min 2 hours)  $57.00 per hour
 Special Inspections - After Hours - Weekends / Holidays (min. 2 hours) $113.00 per hour
 Partial Inspections (base fee includes 1 inspection)  $37.50
 Re-inspection $37.50
 Plan Review Fee – Residential $150 flat fee 
 Plan Review Fee – Commercial  25% of Permit

 Commercial Permits  Permit Fees
   Square Footage Rate (Under Roof)
 Building  $0.68 per square foot $135.00 minimum
 All alterations/renovations and shell  

1/2 of the commercial sq ft rate $135.00 minimum

 Warehouses (does not include mini-warehouses)  

1/2 of the commercial sq ft rate $135.00 minimum

 Marine  $0.12 per square foot; $67.50 minimum
 Foundations (including plumbing); shell is still 1/2 square foot rate  $0.9 per sq ft; $135.00 min
 Roofing - Commercial  $0.03 per sq ft; $135.00 min

(1 and 2 family dwellings and townhomes)
   Square Footage Rate (Under Roof)
 Building  $0.41 per square foot; $67.50 minimum
 All Alterations/Renovations and Shell  

1/2 of the residential sq ft rate
$67.50 minimum

 Roofing - Residential $0.03 per sq ft; $90.00 min 
 Solar - Residential $67.50 
 Sign Permits Permit Fee
 Sign Permit: For Issuing Each Permit  $67.50
 Sign With Electric $90.00 
 Wall Hung Signs - per sq ft / per side  $0.23
 Free Standing Signs - per sq ft / per side   $0.36
 Mobile Home Permits  Permit Fee
 Manufactured Homes Permit Fees - includes set up, elec, plumb and mechanical $270.00 
 Modular Home / Modular Buildings, DCA approved same as manufactured home 
 Fees for additions to manufactured homes shall be calculated the same as building permit fee/aluminum   permit fee  
 Trade Permits
Permit Fee
 Minimum for all trade permits
 Res. $67.50; Comm. $90.00
 Mechanical (per mechanical system)
$0.04 per sq ft 
 Mechanical - warehouse
1/2 Mechanical Rate 
 Electrical (per service equipment)
 $0.04 per sq ft
 Electrical - warehouse
 1/2 Electrical Rate
 $0.04 per sq ft
 Plumbing - warehouse
1/2 Plumbing Rate 
 Gas Piping / Fixtures
 $0.04 per sq ft
 Mechanical Hood
 $.06 per sq ft

 Miscelleanous Permits Permit Fee
 Pool enclosures without slab / foundation 1/2 aluminum rate; $67.50 minimum 
 Pool enclosures with slab / foundation  1/2 aluminum rate; $75.00 minimum
 Fence (does not include utility structures) $45.00 
 Tent  $67.50
 Aluminum Construction without slab / foundation  $0.14 per sq ft; $67.50 minimum
 Aluminum Construction with slab / foundation  $0.23 per sq st; $90.00 minimum
 Preliminary Inspection Prior to the moving or setup of any building or structure $90.00 
 Demolition - Any Building or Structure or Interior  $99.00

 Swimming Pool Permits  Permit Fees
 Spa $90.00 
 Private above ground swimming pools  $90.00
 Private in ground swimming pools  $225.00
 Commercial Swimming Pools $315.00 

 Permit RenewalsPermit Renewal Fee 
  NOTE: When renewing a building permit, the following percentages shall be used for purposes of calculating the fee (the percentage represents the work completed). Does not include electrical
 If first inspection was never made, renewal must be at full current value 100% 
 Slab inspection approved and slab poured 80% 
 Lintel Inspection Approved 60% 
 Framing and Rough In inspections approved 40% 
 Insulation inspection approved  20%
 Final inspections only  10%
 Electrical, plumbing, fire, gas and mechanical permit renewal fees Minimum Permit Fee for each 
 Working without Permits  Fee Imposed
 If any person commences work on a building or structure before obtaining necessary permits, they shall be subject to a penalty as specified.

$150.00 or double the permit fee
Whichever is greater


Revised 10/1/2019