Customs & Border Protection Facility Rehabilitation 

Project Status: 
Notice to Proceed - March 2021
Phase:  Construction
Engineer:  GAI Consultants, Inc.

Interior rehabilitation of the Customs facility to meet the current General Aviation Facilities Design Standards, published in 2018 by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Field Operations Facilities Program Management Office.  In addition to improving the interior layout of the facility, the rehabilitation will incorporate new passenger processing technologies, inspection processes, and security requirements.   The Customs facility is operational by appointment.

Main Apron/Ramp Rehabilitation Design 

Project Status: Notice to Proceed - March 2022

Engineer:  GAI Consultants, Inc.
Contractor:  CWR Contracting, Inc.

Approximately 390,000 square feet of the main apron/ramp will be rehabilitated.  The project includes striping and reconfiguration of tie-downs, for the purpose of compliance and safety.   

Fuel Farm Design

Project Status:
Phase:  Design
Engineer:  GAI Consultants, Inc.

Currently in preliminary design phase.

Hangar Design
Project Status:
Phase:  Design
Engineer:  GAI Consultants, Inc.

The Leesburg International Airport (LEE) has identified an area north of Airport Boulevard and west of Echo Drive for development of aircraft storage and maintenance hangars for general aviation aircraft.

Please check for NOTAMs
and plan accordingly

For additional information, please contact the Airport Manager.