Youth Leagues

Youth Leagues

How Youth Sports Programs Can Benefit Children and Parents

Getting your child involved in youth sports programs offers many tangible benefits and rewards--not just for your child, but for you, too. Youth sports programs run the gamut from soccer to basketball, and they are a worthwhile investment of time and money for the whole family.

Let's begin by looking at the benefits these programs offer to your child:

Physical Benefits

Increased physical fitness is the most obvious benefit to participating in a sports program: 

   • Children who regularly participate in sports show increased coordination and  better  overall health than their peers who do not get involved.

   • Increased physical activity allows for better weight management as well.

Social Skills

Participating in sports will help your child build their social skills:

   • By working with others on their team, your child can understand the concept of teamwork and hones their leadership skills.

   • Your child will learn about sportsmanship and treating others with respect.

   • Finally, your child will also learn about the concept of success vs. failure, and about the dedication it takes to achieve success.


Participating in sports is just plain fun for children:

   • It allows them to enjoy time spent with their friends.

   • It also encourages them to make new friends.

Strengthens Your Parent-Child Bond

The best benefit youth sports programs can offer you is a chance to bond with your child:

   • Watching your child play sports can help you modify your expectations. Watching your child learn to win and to lose is a valuable lesson in control for parents also.

   • Participation makes your child feel special. After all, who doesn't want to have someone cheering them on?

   • You may decide to get more active. If your child has taken up a sport that looks like fun, have him/her teach you some moves over the weekend, or better yet, join a Leesburg Recreation adult league!

Sports programs offer benefits that go way beyond physical fitness. They can be a fun learning experience for the whole family. Find a sport or activity your child loves and go for it!


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