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Parks header image

Berry Park 
2121 Johns Avenue, 
Leesburg, FL 34748

Herlong Park Image of berry park gazebo
700 East North Blvd.,
Leesburg, FL 34748 

Monkey Island 
Lake Harris Near Venetian Cove,
Leesburg, FL 34748

Lake Williams & Lake Mary Park
211 South 15th Street,
Leesburg, FL 34748 

John L. Johnson Park 
205 Mills Street,
Leesburg, FL 34748

Venetian Gardens Park
201 East Dixie Avenue
Leesburg, FL 34748

Corrine Williams Park 
2141 Woodland Blvd.,
Leesburg, FL 34748 

Singletary Park 
1902 South 14th Street,
Leesburg, FL 34748 

Park Categories & Hours of Operation:
                 • Non-Lighted (Open Daylight Hours)
                              • Berry Park, Rogers Park/Kids Korner, Venetian Gardens, Vets Memorial Park, Henderson 
                                 Park, Corrine Williams Park, Lake Williams/Mary Park, Dog Park, Monkey Island

                    • Lighted (Open 7am-10pm)
                              • Ski Beach, John L. Johnson, Gymnasium (Outdoor Basketball), Susan Street Tennis & 
                                 Racquetball, Palmetto Tennis

                    • Athletic (Open Daylight Hours and as reserved through the Recreation Department)
                              • Sleepy Hollow, Susan Street, Pat Thomas Stadium (Pat Thomas is open through reservation

                    • Boat Ramps (Daylight Hours – After hours boat launches and retrievals are allowed)
                              • Herlong Park, Singletary Park, Ski Beach, Venetian Gardens