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Using Electricity

Did you know in most cases, that the most of your energy dollars goes toward heating and cooling, and water heating? This is why it is very important to manage your energy equipment as you manage your budget.

When shopping for appliances, remember that the initial cost may be higher but the savings over a few years will easily make up for it.

Power Theft

Power theft affects everyone. It causes prices to raise for everyone else and can be very dangerous. Thieves face two problems however: prosecution and electrocution. Most of the thefts involve tampering with the meters. Each connected meter has enough voltage to seriously harm or even kill someone. Also, meters tampered with can cause injury to an innocent person. Tampering with meters is illegal and include fines and even imprisonment. If you think your meter is being tampered with, please contact us.

Safety Tips

Electricity can be dangerous if not used correctly or becoming careless. Just remember a few tips.

  • Overhead wires are LIVE and most wires are not insulated. Make your family aware of the dangers.
  • Check in all directions before putting up a TV or CB antenna.
  • Don't forget, ladders conduct electricity too!
  • Before doing any major excavation, contact us to locate any power lines.
  • Make sure your children are careful when climbing trees
  • NEVER untangle or touch wires that seem down!
Last updated: 2/15/2013 4:54:57 PM