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The Leesburg Electric Department is one of Central Florida’s most innovative utilities providing affordable and dependable power to more than 23,000 customers. Soon we will introduce new improvements to help you conserve energy and lower utility bills.

Peak Box


So What are Peak Times?

Peak demand times are when most utility customers use the most electricity. That’s also when it costs the most to provide all that electricity.

So curbing peak-time demand is a smart way to reduce energy costs. Soon the City of Leesburg will introduce new programs that provide greater savings when you reduce your electric usage during the peaks. 

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Saving Made Simple

There are many ways to curb peak-time electric demands and reduce your power bills.

Start with big electric uses like air conditioning, then look at smaller electric appliances. It all adds up. Some customers could cut your power bills by 5 to 30 percent by implementing various home improvements and changing their own energy usage.

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The New Electric Meter

New Electric MeterLeesburg will change out meters for all electric customers from June through August. The new meters are nearly identical and measure electricity the same as existing digital meters used in much of Leesburg today. The big difference is that the new meters provide daily updates of electric usage, helping you to better manage peak-time demands and save on your power bills.

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Safe and Secure

Independent studies conclude that smart meters operate far below federal safety standards and also at a fraction of radio-frequency (RF) levels for cell phones, wireless computer networks and other commonly used devices. Although you may read opinions on the Internet questioning potential health concerns with smart meters and their use of RF data transmission, they are not rooted in scientific peer-reviewed studies. There have been no documented adverse health effects linked to smart meters.

This fact does not deter the internet’s most alarmist voices, but we do hope it will give you comfort that Leesburg’s hometown electric utility would not subject residents to anything but the safest new technology.

We encourage our customers to become educated on this subject. If you would like to learn more, here are a few links for you to check out.

Last updated: 9/21/2016 8:40:11 AM